Here's one of my lovely coaching clients Corri from Coastal Pilates Chichester who will also share her success story from using my Pilates Beginner Course marketing.


Coastal Pilates Chichester

What you need help with right now

I am a Pilates Teacher who just needs all the tools to market & fill my 4 Week Pilates Beginners Course NOW!

I am short on time so I need:

  - The Social Media Posts

  - The Scripts for my Videos / Facebook &                     Instagram Lives

  - The Confirmation Emails my Clients will Receive

  - A 30 min Call with Louise for any questions (VIP)


Choose one of the following options below!

"I put my marketing out on Boxing Day and by the time the course started on the 5th January, it was Fully Booked - completely SOLD OUT!

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​The amazing thing you can do RIGHT NOW to start attracting the Pilates clients you love to work with into your Pilates business is to….

[✨] Offer a 4-Week Pilates Beginner Course and start marketing it in December! [✨]

In my experience, a Pilates beginners course is a no brainer for January. Over the past 8 years I have offered one or two of these courses, started marketing them on Boxing Day and they have all filled up quickly and easily!!! And the money comes in between Christmas [🎄] and New Year [👏] [👏]

In January 2022 I offered a Monday morning beginners course and a Tuesday evening beginners course and using this marketing I’m sharing with you…

I filled this course with 36 paying clients super fast! I didn't do any paid marketing for this at all but I filled it and everyone paid prior to the course.

And I am going to share with you EVERYTHING I did so you can do it too! I’ve made sure all of them are SOOO SIMPLE! From marketing, my approaches and templates - all for you!